Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Getting back to a healthy and fit ME

Peace and Blessings Health Partners! 

It's been a while...a long, long while. This past year has been a great transition for me and my family. Alhamduli'llah, things have settled down a bit. Here I am once again, and I hope to get back to blogging more regularly. The WhatsApp Health Partners group is still going strong, and the Facebook group is on and off. My hope is to be much more active on these outlets and to really help us get our health and fitness back on track, in shaa Allah (God willing).

The fasting in Ramadan has come and gone, but the hope is that we all continue to strengthen our spirituality beyond those 29 days. When it came to my health and fitness during, however, I must confess that I was quite the slacker during Ramadan. I did a couple of 5 mile walks/jogs, but was too scared to overexert myself, especially because the daily fast spanned over 16 hours most days (approximately 4 am - 8:30 pm). The good news is that I am slowly getting back to a healthy and fit ME. Just three days after the end of Ramadan, I joined a few sister friends for a hike on the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls, VA. The embedded video tells the story of a fun and challenging experience for us. The hike was well worth it.

Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls, VA

At home, I've gone back to walking and jogging on my local trail and my treadmill. Ladies, that treadmill has had a ton of break and it's now time to get it back to working for me. My highest limit so far has been about 2 miles, but working my way back up to 5 miles.

Another fun thing I've gotten myself into, post Ramadan, was the Sister's Eid Party...for ladies ONLY! A fellow health partner and I attended the party over the weekend. This may not appear to be directly related to health and fitness, but it has a ton to do with mental health. It was a “Coming to America” themed party and it was lit! I had not partied like that since my college years and it felt intoxicating…except I do not drink. What I loved most was the fact that this was a party, just for us, young ladies, older ones…womenfolk. We got all dolled up...faces were beat, and outfits on point! I can't share pictures of us, but I'll give you all a glimpse of what the venue looked like.

"Coming to America" Sister's Eid Party 2017

Dinner tables are the party

Many of us on the older end of the spectrum chatted about how we never get to go out much and this was so uplifting and a great stretch from our daily wifey-duties and mommy-runs. That sense of camaraderie is priceless. Every minute of my two-hour commute to and return from the party was so worth it. I returned home feeling rejuvenated and already looking forward to next year.

That's it for July...until next month, I pray you live in peace and wish you many blessings and an abundance of good health. As always, I bid you success in striving to make health a priority and fitness a habit, and I leave you with these two questions to ponder on:

How often do you get to hang out and just chill with other women? 
What benefits do you get from it? 

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